Treasure Hunt

“Treasure hunts make much better stories when there’s treasure at the end”

Be quick enough, follow the clues and find the treasure. Never be clueless! And, don’t worry, we always have a treasure at the end



“I may have 100 problems but mathematics isn’t the one”

Do you calculate the run rates when the others shout for a six and the reaching time with the distance and speed of your bike? I’m afraid you have severomathophilia. Why not make money out it? Math-o-mania is the event for the next level thinkers. Are you the one?



What is the connection between a cricket ground and an elevator?

What is the connection between the skating shoes and an aileron?

Take part in connections to find more interesting questions. Connect the picture and conquer!


Know the Logo

Are you a very good observer of the advertisements?

Do you have a great knowledge about logos of different companies and brands? Take up this quiz and win a lot!