Pilot & Co-Pilot

The exhibition event of the day!.
Title event of Flight'20



(Drone Racing Championship)

The event of the day!

We know drones have a positive impact on the society. Apart from its various application, racing drones is one of the coolest we can think of. So what are you waiting for? Grab the limelight! Get. Set. Go!


RC Competition

Have you been designing your own radio-controlled airplanes?

Then why not enter the RC plane competition? FLIGHT gives you the opportunity because life without RC sucks!


Paper presentation

Are you innovative?

You can present your technical paper about the given topics. This is the platform to exhibit your vibrant ideas.


Aircrash Investigation

Are our failures stepping stones?

Aren’t we keen to find the reason behind air crash? Come on! Let’s solve the mysteries miles above!


CAD Modeling

Like to delve into designing? Good at CATIA?

This is the platform for you. Bring off-screen 2D drawings to on-screen 3D objects!


Technical Quiz

“Knowledge is not all about gaining. It’s also about applying”

So why don’t you expose your knowledge in technicalities? Technically, this event tests your understanding of core subjects. Are you great in it? Then give this a try!


Flight Simulator

How about the virtual experience of piloting the aircraft? Who wouldn’t love it?

Let’s test the pilot in you because we believe that the engine may be the heart of an airplane but the pilot is its soul!



What is the connection between a cricket ground and an elevator?

What is the connection between the skating shoes and an aileron?

Take part in connections to find more interesting questions. Connect the picture and conquer!


Aircraft Design Project

Here details aren’t just details. You are gonna construct them into a design, from raw data to technical report using your prowess in aircraft fundamentals.



“It doesn’t fly. It falls in style”

Gliders were the one of those which took us close to flying. If you are confident of making the sleek polished ship cruise for long, then this is the place for you!



“If you want your boomerang to come back, first you have to throw it”

Boomerang has one unique design which makes it spin about the axis perpendicular to the flight and return to the person who throws it. Enter the competition with your boomerang and leave with prizes!



Eggs break!

But can you come with an idea to save it? Like a little parachute? If yes, here’s the event for you. Let’s paradive!


Bottle Rocketry

Are you a tinkerer?

Who knew a waste plastic bottle and a piece of engineering mind would make a fantastic rocket model? Then launch in our bottle rocketry competition!