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Prompt ChatGPT workshop

There’s no techie who doesn’t chat about Chat GPT nor who doesn’t know how to chat with Chat GPT! It’s essential and inevitable to acquire sophisticated software skills, to boost-up yourself as a competitive player in the industry. Hence, here we bring you an enthralling workshop to learn, work, and gain expertise about handling the most sought-after AI tool, Chat GPT !


Rocket Building Workshop

Building rockets might seem like a daunting task at first hand. Model rocketry is a hobby that involves building and launching small rockets made from lightweight materials such as plastic or balsa wood. The rockets are typically powered by small solid-fuel rocket engines and can reach altitudes of several hundred feet. Safety is an important aspect of model rocketry, and enthusiasts follow established guidelines to ensure that launches are conducted in a safe and responsible manner. The organizers of FLIGHT ’24 symposium provide the participants with the opportunity to make and fly their own model rockets.


Combustion Workshop

Welcome to the world of Fuel and Fire! Over the course of a day, join us in the journey to witness the potential that the world of combustion holds in its talons. Experience demonstrations of phenomena ranging from a simple candle flame to fuel injection in a scramjet. Save the dates to be a part of this extravagant workshop!


RC Plane Building Workshop

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) is rapidly developing sector in all forms. Beautiful photos, surveillance, spying and many things are being done by UAVs. But What is UAV? How a RC plane work? What are all the process that involves in building an RC plane? This is the right place to know the answer to these questions and get a hands-on experience in building RC planes.


EV and BMS

Electric vehicles are the saviors of our era. With clean and sustainable energy being our ultimatum for the future,engineers and scientists are aligned towards inculcating the aspect of sustainability in every aspect of structural, propulsive and manufactured engineering models. This makes it imperative that budding technograds are equipped with enough knowledge about the current trends and developments.Join us in this two-day workshop to know all about electric vehicles right from scratch !


Jet handling

Get to know the basics of engines from starting to exhaust. Get hand's on experience on different types of engines: Two stroke, Four stroke, Petrol Engine, Diesel engine, and exclusive JET ENGINE.


Cad ansys & 3-d printing

Get the basics of Cad drawing and simulation . Ansys is the most used simulation software in automotive and aerospace industry. We also have planned to give you insights of 3-d printing


Avionics workshop

With hard core physics and math gracing the boundaries of Aerospace engineering, have you wondered if electricals and electronics stand the same importance? Yes, they do ! Come, join in to witness the amazements in Avionics with Arduino and ADA programming !